Sep 12

Works MB 40Fi F3D pylon race motor IX For sale

Works MB 40Fi F3D pylon race motor IX

This is one of the motors used by Robert Van Den Bosch at the 2005 world championships in France.

This motor is a works development motor with some very strange ports although it has been run since being serviced, it is far from run in.


Email from Rob Metkemeijer reports

This is indeed one of the prototypes made in 2004 – 2005. Profi only makes production series, we make the proto’s in this case to play with port angles always ourselves.

They were made in investment casting and the material is Mahle 124. They have our own honing and chroming. Some are a bit more tapered than the production series.

There were appr. 14 different types made in his period. The IX means that the rear transfer ports ate angled 12 degrees, and the front ports , next to the boost port at 17 degrees. After the experiments ( blind, the guys did not know what the codes meant) we found that the flatter angles , 10 and 1 degrees mad ethe engine easier to use, the steeper angles ( we went up to 25 degrees, like Aprilia had these days) were fast but not so easy to use.

My advice: just run it. Take care that the length of the exhaust manifold is appr. 2 mm shorter than the production engines, so the pipe needs a correction of 2 mm.


Whether you’re and engine collector or just want to try running something different or just want to have a look inside, check out this link to ebay Click Here finish 22/09/2013 at 21.55

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Aug 21

Ballenstedt 2013

I have received the bad news today that the 2013 Ballenstedt Europa cup meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of entries. I guess it’s a sign of these financial times and a very busy world champ meeting, let’s hope that next year will bring everyone back out for some great racing race.

Until then we have the BMFA Nats and Tours to look forward to.

Aug 19

Display MBs

sectionedStill needing a little bit of work but we now have 2 sectioned Mb’s one Rear the other Fi for mantelpiece that should make the wife happy?

Aug 18

Race engines and parts for sale

I have various Pylon Engines and acc for sale as follows
QM 40 1x Jett, 1x Jett BSE and 1 x Nelson all with CB 1.75 spinners
Q500 2 x Jett  both with atr valves, venturi’s are avatlable
1 x Nelson F3D Big bore and pipe never run.
Spare liner/piston/head sets for Jett QM40 and Q500
Case of spares (props, plugs Nelson and Glowbee, shims, remote NV etc)
Box of dismantled Nelson F3D rear induction rear Exhaust probably enough to make 3 or 4

The owner Peter Sherliker will be at Barkston camping but flying in silent flight nats Cranwell during day contact on 0774941560  from Friday Aftenoon.

Or email me at


Jul 07

Model Tracker

Model Tracker by Hank Kauffmann could this be the route to go!

We have talked about this for years well it getting closer for more information click here to view the Model Tracker Blog.


Pylon 2 Close-up

Jun 06

BMFA Nationals


May 25

Q40 World Championship Race

logoOld Julian Airport North Carolina USA 5&6th October

Sounds like its going to be a great event, so with only 80 entries Click here to get there and stand a chance of getting your hands on the prize money.

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