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Aug 18

Adam Argus

!cid_image003_jpg@01CD7D56 FREE DELIVERY TO TOUR RACE IN FRANCE FOR ALL PRE ORDERS I will be attending tour race in France. I have booked extra baggage to personally deliver all orders to the race meet in France. Follow us on Facebook: Look forward to seeing you all in France Adam Argus

Apr 05

Siziano GP for F3d, Q40 & Q500


For more information on 25th to 27th May Siziano GP Click Here

Mar 15

French Eurocup Q40 Q500


Click image for more info

Jan 25

CZ Melnik F3D Grand Prix


1st to the 3rd of June will once again see F3D pylon racing at the great venue just outside of Melnik in the Czech Republic. For more information click here

Jan 02

Ballenstedt 2011

The German Euro cup meeting will take place over the weekend of 16-19th September. For more infomation veiw the Calendar page for pdf down loads, from Achim Kaiser.

Dec 22

Q500/40 Euro cup

The French round of the Q500 and Q40 Eurocup will take place at the Nancy aero club site for the first time in France, on the weekend of 25/26th of June. The club is located on an airfield 3 km as the crow flies from Nancy downtown. This should be great news if you decide to come with …

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