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Dec 10

Q500 plans

  Steve Wheelers Q500 sizzlers High Wing Sizzler Right click and save as. Low Wing Sizzler Right click and save as

Dec 01

FAI-F3D Rules

  FAI- F3D Sporting Code  Section 4 – Aeromodelling  Volume F3  Radio Control Pylon Racing  Model Aircraft  2009 Edition  Effective 1st January 2009  Click here for  sc4_f3_pylon_09 

Dec 01

pylonracer Screen Saver


To save as a screen saver Right click and click set as background.

Dec 01

Timing Disc

Engine-Lab500x499 pylonR

Timing Disc Make your own self timing degree disc,  using a CD-DVD and a printer    Right click and save picture as, then print.